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Creative Ways To Save For Your Adventures

Let’s Get Saving

Saving money for trips away can be difficult. Especially when you’re not really sure on how to do it. Sometimes just not touching a certain amount of money in your bank for a while can be hard and we cave in and go and buy something to eat!
So… I’m going to give you some little tips and tricks on how to make sure you don’t delve into those saving of yours!


Save The 5’s

Heading to the hole in the wall to grab yourself £5 (forgetting that they don’t give you £5 notes anymore) and ending up with £10 can be annoying sometimes, but we just keep on going with our day. Why not save that extra £5 into a little tin? In fact, every £5 note you get goes in that tin. You’ll be surprised by how quickly it all builds up and you’ll soon be on your way to your adventures!


Save The Coin’s

Change is helpful sometimes, and others well… It’s just not. When you’re running for the bus holding all your pockets or trying to find something and pull your hand out along with a bunch of coins isn’t the best. So, why not put them to good use and save them for a trip away?


Any Old Clothes?

I’m never sure what to do with my old clothes. I always say to myself that I’ll put them on Ebay and I never do! Every time I venture off to Tesco I see these little shops that offer to take your clothes away and give you money for how much they weigh. Granted it’s not a lot but it’s something extra to add into the savings tin. If you do have the time, alongside Ebay are a lot of little apps that you can advertise clothes or any bits and bobs you might have for sale.


No More Take-Aways

We all like a little take-away now and again but they do cost quite a bit. Craving a pizza? Instead of heading off to Pizza Hut why not go to your local supermarket and get yourself one there? Granted it’s not the same, but if you really want to go on holiday then skipping a take-out and saving some money will definitely be worth it in the long run.


Even Small Things…

Heading off to HMV to get yourself a DVD or CD can add up. Charity shops sell so many and they cost a lot less (saving you that travel money). Also, a percentage of your money will go to helping someone who really needs it. Two in one, saving money and helping others!


What You Keep It In

A money pot with a lid you can take off probably isn’t the best thing to use. We are all tempted to ‘just grab £5’ from it and put it back in later. The truth is, it never goes back in and we slowly lose money from our hard earned savings! I don’t know about you but I’ve seen a lot of these tin money holders that you have to use a can opener to open. These work great! If you want to get money out you have to route around and find a can opener and you will more than likely give up and leave it be!


That’s all for now. If you have any suggestions just comment them below! They could definitely help people out.

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