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3 Of The Best City Breaks In The UK

Free Up Those Weekends!


Now, I know most people in the UK tend to want to go on holiday out of the UK. But hear me out here…. There are so many undiscovered destinations out there for you to discover and create new memories in. Whether that’s a weekend full of shopping, a relaxing spa-filled weekend or days filled with adventure and excitement. I’m sure you’ll be able to find somewhere you’ve never been before in this handy little list.



Surrounded by amazing scenery and an abundance of hills, Edinburgh City is a great place to explore! It has everything; if you’re a fan of shopping-till-you-drop then you’ll love it here, alternatively if you’re full of adventure, then don’t worry, you’ll have many places to explore and whip out that camera to capture some outstanding memories!

If you have a little look on Trip Adviser you’ll get a larger scope of all the things to do whilst you’re there -> Edinburgh




With its little stone-built lanes and cobbled floors, York is a great place to take a weekend trip to. It has everything you’d need to have a great time. Some places you must visit are; The Shambles and York Minster.

The Shambles:

A long and interesting historic path filled with mysterious looking (but also outstanding) shops, cafes, restaurants ad bars. It’s a must-see sight that you just cannot miss out on when you visit.


York Minster:

This iconic medieval church of England cathedral is just waiting for you to step into it and adore the architecture. You definitely can’t miss it, honestly, it’s HUGE!

Some extra ideas -> York





London, the capital of the country we call England. Possibly one of the most popular destinations. The home of Big Ben, the Tower of London, the London Eye and of course… Buckingham Palace!
With so many places to have a look around I just don’t think you’d be able to fit it all in just one weekend, it’s a possible 4-day experience that you’ll need to treat yourself to one day. However, if you’re just looking for a weekend away then there are multiple amazing hotels and B&B’s to stay in and relax.

Interested? Why not take a deeper look into everything there by giving this ol’ word a click -> London

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