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The Top 8 things to see and do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is well known for it’s vast range of wild nights, fun antics and a party dense city. It’s an extremely fun place to visit and a holiday destination to be added to your city break needs. Being very popular for young travellers and those ready to let their hair down.

Not to worry…

Amsterdam is a city with much more to offer than shown on the surface. Becoming one of the top city break holiday locations for a variety of audiences. A range of cafes to suit different needs, museums to explore and learn the history & nightlife perfect for you party people.

It is the perfect place to visit, not only for party life but for those who really want to visit the world of great city breaks.

To help you with some reasons that you want to visit Amsterdam, here are the top 10 things to do and see in Amsterdam.

1. Amsterdam Canal Tours

Amsterdam Boat & Canal tours and rentals

With Amsterdam having some of the most beautiful & picture-perfect places to see. The scenic canal tours or boat rentals are the most amazing experiences to try. You have the ability to see Amsterdam City in a perspective that you will have never experienced before. With a choice from large tour boats to take you the entire way through the canals or small self-guided tours via boat rentals & hires. Whatever your needs and wants are, this affordable attraction is a must on your visit to Amsterdam.

2. Visit Anne Franks House

Anne Franks Tombstone

Being one of the most popular and famous stories known, this is up there with one of the most popular tourist sites in the entire city. It is an incredibly significant place to visit, it will send chills through your body. The need to shuffle through the tight and narrow house will be a real feel of the way life used to be. It is a great experience to acquire and something you will remember for life.

3. Try the Heineken Experience

Heineken, one of the most famous beers let alone one of the publics most popular beer in the world. Why not take the incredible and interactive tour of the brewery. You can learn so much about how the beer has developed, evolved and changed through the years. To top this off, each admission includes 2 beers. Make sure to be booking in advance and secure your drinks.

4. Bike tours are the way forward

Bikes similar to those in Amsterdam

Similar to the boat tours, Amsterdam is full of places to visit. Why not explore the incredible streets, great cafes & overall beauty that is Amsterdam via bike. This cheap option yet a bundle of fun is one of the best means to get around the city. Fly around the city in style and really get to know your surroundings. This is a great choice to experience when your out and about.

5. Waterlooplein Flea Market Shopping

Visit the oldest and biggest market in the city. Host over 250+ stalls. This open market is an incredible place to visit. Think of anything and you will find it. Clothing, hats, bags, watches, phones and more all can be found. No matter if it’s new or used it will be sold. You will spend a chunk of your day wandering around and exploring so before you know it you have had some great fun. You should explore this wonderful place in Amsterdam whilst you have the opportunity to.

6. Visit Noord

Noord has now transformed it into one of the coolest and trendiest areas in recent times. Especially one of the cheapest areas in the city. A host of incredible new bars, restaurants and clubs. Don’t worry, the old industrial areas are also reclaimed! It’s fun, vibrant and a really exciting place to visit. Follow step 4 and explore on a bike.

7. Art Tours

Art styles that are abstract are interesting.

Through the entire of Amsterdam, it’s home to some incredible street art. No matter where you walk, drive, bike or visit you will see it all over. If its something you want to take a step further, have a read into some credible alternative art tours withing Amsterdam. Insightful tours to learn about the art, showing you the best pieces and murals across the city.

8. Food Tours (Yummy)

Collective different foods to explore, great for the taste buds of yours.

As a keen eater myself, food is an essential part of anywhere I visit. Host to different cultures of food. Variety is never an issue. Splash on some of the finest foods or enjoy the street snacks. Either way, you will love the variety of food that Amster dam hosts.

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